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No 8 (1992) 22. Jahrestagung der GAL 26.-28. September 1991 in Mainz Abstract   PDF
Jan Engberg
No 2 (1989) 2nd International Eindhoven LSP Conference, 3-6 August 1988 Abstract   PDF
Birger Andersen, Anna-Lise Laursen, Morten Pilegaard, Anna Trosborg
No 19 (1997) 5 review articles Abstract   PDF
Martin Nielsen et al.
No 14 (1995) A Brief Review of Interpretation Research in Japan Abstract   PDF
Akira Mizuno
No 54 (2015) Abstracts Details   PDF
- Redaktionen
No 53 (2014) Abstracts 53 Details   PDF
- Redaktionen
No 3 (1989) Adäquatheit und Äquivalenz Abstract   PDF
Katharina Reiss
No 13 (1994) A Frequency Analysis of Selected Modal Expressions in German and English Legal Texts Abstract   PDF
Jane Norre Nielsen, Anne Wichmann
No 21 (1998) A Functional Interpretation of Company Brochures - from Context to Text Abstract   PDF
Inger Askehave
No 52 (2014) A Guide (not only) for Economics Dictionaries Abstract   PDF
Valeria Caruso
No 20 (1998) A Handbook of English Grammar on Functional Principles. Aarhus: Aarhus University Press, 1997 (second edition) Details   PDF
Niels Davidsen-Nielsen
No 52 (2014) A Landscape Never Goes Out of Style. Diachronic Lexical Variation in Exhibition Press Announcements Abstract   PDF
Cecilia Lazzeretti
No 6 (1991) An analysis of legal speech acts in English Contract Law. 'It is hereby performed' Abstract   PDF
Anna Trosborg
No 9 (1992) An Analysis of Regulative Speech Acts in English Contracts - Qualitative and Quantitative Methods Abstract   PDF
Bjarne Blom, Anna Trosborg
No 8 (1992) Andrzej Katny (Hrsg.): Studien zur kontrastiven Linguistik und literarischen Übersetzung. Frankfurt am Main/Bern/New York/Paris: Verlag Peter Lang 1989, 259 Seiten Abstract   PDF
Hans Kristian Mikkelsen
No 14 (1995) An Exploratory Study of Translational Norms in Simultaneous Interpreting: Methodological Reflections Abstract   PDF
Anne Schjoldager
No 19 (1997) Anmeldelsens teori og praksis Abstract   PDF
Carsten Hansen
No 8 (1992) Anne Møllmann: Dansk-fransk marketing ordbog. Foreningen til Unge Handelsmænds Uddannelse 1990, 475 sider Abstract   PDF
Grete Duvå, Anne Ellerup Nielsen
No 13 (1994) Annotating large speech corpora: building on the experience of Marsec Abstract
Gerry Knowles
No 6 (1991) Äquivalentlose Lemmata und kulturgebundene Wörter in zweisprachigen Wörterbüchern Abstract   PDF
Hans-Otto Rosenbohm
No 3 (1989) A reader for Nordic phoneticians. Kirsten Gregersen & Hans Basbøll (eds.): Nordic Prosody IV. Papers from a symposium. Odense University Studies in Linguistics Vol. 7. Odense: Odense University Press. 1986. 192 p. Abstract   PDF
Lars Fant
No 16 (1996) Argumentation et cohésion textuelle : l'exemple de en plein Abstract   PDF
Michael Herslund
No 21 (1998) Argumentationsanalyse. Grundtræk af en modulær sprogvidenskabelig tilgang Abstract   PDF
Henning Nølke
No 19 (1997) Argumentative Strategies in French Company Brochures Abstract   PDF
Anne Ellerup Nielsen
No 10 (1993) Arnt Lykke Jakobsen (ed.): Oversættelse af fagsproglige tekster, ARK 65. Handelshøjskolen i København, 1992 Abstract   PDF
Annelise Grinsted
No 6 (1991) Arntz, Reiner/Heribert Picht: Einführung in die Terminologiearbeit. Hildesheim, Zürich, New York: Georg Olms Verlag 1989. 344 Seiten. Abstract   PDF
Hans Kristian Mikkelsen
No 55 (2016) A Social Semiotic Theory of Synesthesia? - A Discussion Paper Abstract   PDF
Theo Van Leeuwen
No 16 (1996) Aspect, anaphore et interprétation du discours Abstract   PDF
Co Vet
No 13 (1994) A study on nuclei in the SEC - report from the Public Speaking Project in Lund Abstract   PDF
Bryan Mosey
No 19 (1997) At anmelde i Hermes - tidsskrift for sprogforskning Abstract   PDF
Henning Bergenholtz, Finn Frandsen
No 6 (1991) Bach, Svend/Jørgen Schmitt Jensen, Større italiensk grammatik. København: Munksgaard 19990. viii + 759 s. Abstract   PDF
Michael Herslund
No 7 (1991) Base b11: FAGSPROGSBIBLIOGRAFIEN Abstract   PDF
Hans-Peder Kromann
No 52 (2014) Beatrice Fischer & Matilde Nisbeth Jensen (eds.) 2012. Translation and the Reconfi guration Abstract   PDF
Kristian Tangsgaard Hvelplund
No 18 (1997) Bedeutungsbeziehungen in fachlexikographischen Nachschlagewerken Abstract   PDF
Franziskus Geeb
No 13 (1994) Begin and start in British, American and Indian English Abstract   PDF
G. Leitner
No 53 (2014) ”Being Bilingual Means Being a Foreigner”. Categorizing Linguistic Diversity among Students in Danish Higher Education Abstract   PDF
Anne Holmen
No 9 (1992) Bertha Toft & Eva Roth: MIKROØKONOMISK GLOSSAR - Samt teoretiske og praktiske betragtninger over terminologi og vidensrepræsentation. Herning: Systime 1990 Abstract   PDF
Morten Pilegaard
No 17 (1996) Beskrivelsesniveauer og dimensioner i den grammatiske model Abstract   PDF
Lisbeth Falster Jakobsen
No 54 (2015) Bilingual Dictionaries for Communication in the Domain of Economics: Function-Based Translation Dictionaries Abstract   PDF
Sandro Nielsen
No 10 (1993) Blinkenberg et Høybye: Dictionnaire Danois-Français, 4e édition. København: Nyt Nordisk Forlag Arnold Busck, 1991 Abstract   PDF
Bjarne Kjeldberg Andersen
No 8 (1992) Cahiers de Lexicologie. Revue internationale de lexicologie et de lexicographie. Vol. 56-57, 1990, 1-2: Actes du Colloque franco-danois de Lexicographie, Copenhague, 19 et 20 septembre 1988. 314 pp. Abstract   PDF
Hans Kristian Mikkelsen
No 52 (2014) Can Authority be Sustained while Balancing Accessibility and Formality? Abstract   PDF
Nigar Hashimzade, Georgina A. Myles, Gareth D. Myles
No 19 (1997) Carl Bache: The Study of Aspect, Tense and Action. Towards a Theory of the Semantics of Grammatical Categories. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, 1995 Details   PDF
Hans Arndt
No 13 (1994) Catégorisation et hiérarchie: sur la pertinence linguistique des termes de base Abstract   PDF
Georges Kleiber
No 54 (2015) Catherine Way/Sonia Vandepitte/Reine Meylaerts/Magdalena Batlomiejczyk (eds) 2013. Tracks and Treks in Translation Studies. Selected Papers from the EST Congress, Leuven 2010 Details   PDF
Gary Massey
No 20 (1998) Center for Leksikografi Abstract   PDF
Henning Bergenholtz
No 54 (2015) Challenges and Opportunities in Accessing Discourse Data in Business Settings: Some Reflections on Research Experiences Abstract   PDF
Belinda Crawford Camiciottoli
No 53 (2014) Changing Conceptions of the International Classroom and the Good Student? Abstract   PDF
Jane Vinther, Gordon Slethaug
No 9 (1992) Charlotte Langkilde et al.: L&H Teknisk Ordbog. Dansk-engelsk/engelsk-dansk. L&H ordbøger 1990 Abstract   PDF
Henning Bergenholtz, Jette Pedersen
No 13 (1994) COLT: Mark-up and Trends Abstract
Vibeke Haslerud, Anna-Brita Stenström
No 12 (1994) Community Interpreter Training in the United States and the United Kingdom: An overview of Selected Initiatives Abstract   PDF
Nancy Schweda Nicholson
No 19 (1997) Comparaison et reversibilité en français Abstract   PDF
Gerhard Boysen
No 13 (1994) Compromiser - a notional paradigm Abstract   PDF
Carita Paradis
No 15 (1995) Conflick and consensus in Spanish vs. Scandinavian negotiation interactions Abstract
Lars M. Fant, Annette Grindsted
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