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Media-ludic approaches: Critical reflections on games and research practice


Submission deadline: September 1st, 2017

Publication: Spring 2018

Guest editors: Torill Mortensen,, IT University of Copenhagen, and Emma Witkowski,, RMIT University Melbourne

Issue editor: Claus Toft-Nielsen,, Aarhus University

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Call for papers: Growing old with and via media


MedieKultur vol. 33, no. 63

Submission deadline: November 1st, 2016

Publication: Fall 2017

Guest editors: Anne Leonora Blaakilde,, University of Copenhagen; Monika Wilińska,, Jönköping University

Issue editor: Sara Mosberg Iversen,, University of Southern Denmark

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Open call for papers

We welcome contributions dedicated to the study of media and communication from around the world. We are interested in studies in all areas of media and communication research. Contributions may introduce new aspects of media and communication research in the field of political, economic, historical, aesthetic, or social contexts. We are especially interested in articles which promote critical reflection and the further development of theory and method within media and communication studies. Languages: English, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian  
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Vol 32, No 60 (2016): Researching cross-media communication: Methodological approaches

Guest editor: Tem Frank Andersen

Editors: Kjetil Sandvik, Anne Mette Thorhauge

Book review editor: Anne-Mette Albrechtslund

Table of Contents


Anne Mette Thorhauge, Kjetil Sandvik, Tem Frank Andersen
5 p.

Articles: Theme section

Christian Kobbernagel, Kim Christian Schrøder
26 p.
Kristian Møller Jørgensen
18 p.
Cristina Miguel
19 p.
Anne Mette Thorhauge, Stine Lomborg
16 p.
Andreas Hepp, Cindy Roitsch, Matthias Berg
20 p.
Susana Tosca, Lisbeth Klastrup
16 p.

Articles: Open section

Torgeir Uberg Nærland
21 p.
Freja Sørine Adler Berg
21 p.
Brian Lystgaard Due
21 p.
Gry Høngsmark Knudsen, Domen Bajde
20 p.


Media Studies 2.0; Media audiences: Effects, users, institutions, and power
Kjetil Sandvik
6 p.
The marketplace of attention: How audiences take shape in a digital age
Rasmus Helles
4 p.
TV peaks: Twin Peaks and modern television drama
Jørgen Riber Christensen
3 p.
Sherlock Holmes i Danmark: Dengang, nu og i fremtiden?
Thessa Jensen
3 p.
Dansk film under nazismen
Gunhild Agger
4 p.
Digital audiobooks: New media, users, and experiences
Anne-Mette Albrechtslund
3 p.
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