Vol 29, No 55 (2013)

Technology, power and the political economy of new media

Editors: Rasmus Helles (guest), Anne Mette Thorhauge (issue editor). Review editor: Anette Grønning. This issue is available by print on demand.

Table of Contents


Technology, power and the political economy of new media PDF
Anne Mette Thorhauge, Rasmus Helles 2 p.

Articles: Theme section

Tweet against Nazis? Twitter, power, and networked publics in anti-fascist protests PDF
Christina Neumayer, Bjarki Valtysson 17 p.
Politics, Pleasure, Violence: Swedish Defence Propaganda in Social Media PDF
Rodrigo Ferrada Stoehrel 21 p.
PSB goes personal: The failure of personalised PSB web pages PDF
Jannick Kirk Sørensen 28 p.
Internet profiling: The economy of data intraoperability on Facebook and Google PDF
Anja Bechmann 19 p.


Louise Phillips: The Promise of Dialogue. The dialogic turn in the production and communication of knowledge. Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. 2011. PDF
Anders Horsbøl 4 p.
Lisa Blackman: Immaterial Bodies. Affect, Embodiment, Mediation. London: Sage. 2012. PDF
Carsten Stage 4 p.
Julie Doyle: Mediating Climate Change, Farmham, England: Ashgate Publishing Limited. 2011. PDF
Kirsten Mogensen 5 p.
Marko Ampuja: Theorizing Globalization. A critique of the Mediatization of Social Theory. Leiden: Brill. 2012. PDF
Nete Nørgaard Kristensen 4 p.
Pauline Hope Cheong, Peter Fischer-Nielsen, Stefan Gelfgren & Charles Ess (Eds.): Digital Religion, Social Media and Culture: Perspectives, Practices and Futures. New York: Peter Lang Publishing, Inc. 2012. PDF
Kaitlyn Alessandra Maria Bolongaro 4 p.
James Curran, Natalie Fenton, & Des Freedman: Misunderstanding the Internet. London, New York: Routledge. 2012. PDF
Christina Neumayer 3 p.
Oluf Hultén, Sune Tjernström & Stefan Melesko: Media Mergers and the Defence of Pluralism, Göteborg, Sweden: Nordicom, 2010 PDF
Kirsten Mogensen 4 p.
Hanne Bruun: Dansk tv-satire: Underholdning med kant. København: Books on Demand GmbH. 2011. PDF (Swedish)
Johan Nilsson 4 p.

ISSN: 1901-9726